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Pompeo: The ‘True Face’ of the CCP Has Been Exposed

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Pompeo: The ‘True Face’ of the CCP Has Been Exposed


In an interview with The Epoch Times’ “American Thought Leaders” program, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo elucidated on the Trump administration’s efforts to reconnect modern America to its founding origins based on God-given rights and described the present administration’s foreign policy of keeping America safe from the worldwide threat of communism. At the outset of the interview, host Jan Jekielek asked Pompeo why it took so long for the United States to sanction the Chinese Communist Party for gross human rights violations against practitioners of the meditation group Falun Gong. “You go back all the way to Tiananmen Square. We’ve known the nature of this regime, and frankly, freedom-loving people across the world who have known the nature of authoritarian regimes throughout history. And yet we ignored it,” Pompeo answered. Pompeo explained that the reason for the disregard of the CCP’s (Chinese Communist Party) grave human rights violations was a great extent due …

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