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Huawei Eyes Off Australian 6G Network After 5G Ban

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Huawei Eyes Off Australian 6G Network After 5G Ban


Huawei’s Australian arm has not given up developing the country’s future mobile network, saying it wants to be part of Australia’s distant 6G or 7G rollout. In 2018, the Chinese telecommunications firm was banned from involvement in Australia’s 5G network due to security concerns. Jeremy Mitchell, Huawei Australia’s chief corporate affairs officer, was confident though that the telco could contribute to future iterations. “The conversation we now want to have with the Australian government is what do we do when 6G or 7G comes, because like it or not Huawei or another Chinese company will be the leader in this area,” Mitchell told the Sydney Morning Herald. “We would like to work with the government to ensure Australia has access to the best technology but do so in a way which gives security agencies confidence in terms of risk mitigation,” he said. “6G is just at the very beginning of …

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