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California’s Ethnic Studies Curriculum Under Scrutiny: ‘It’s Discriminatory’

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California’s Ethnic Studies Curriculum Under Scrutiny: ‘It’s Discriminatory’


A new ethnic studies curriculum is being established in California for K–12 students, and its critics urge Californians to comment on it while they can. The public comment period ends Jan. 21, and the State Board of Education will make a final decision on the curriculum by March 31. The stated goal of the curriculum is to elevate “the stories and voices of historically marginalized populations who have contributed to our state and nation’s history.” But some say its foundation is critical race theory, which focuses on a perspective of systemic racism and dividing people into oppressors and oppressed based on race. “Critical race theory is based on the Marxist doctrine of putting people into two categories to describe any system of struggle. And those two categories are oppressor and victim,” Lia Rensin, a board member with the Alliance for Constructive Ethnic Studies, told The Epoch Times. “There’s a way …

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