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Orange County Mortuaries Overwhelmed but Persevering Amid Pandemic

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Orange County Mortuaries Overwhelmed but Persevering Amid Pandemic


ORANGE, Calif.—Funeral homes across Orange County, California, are beginning to buckle under the mounting pressures of accommodating the increasing number of the recently deceased. “This pandemic has created this influx of death numbers I’ve never seen before—ever,” Kimberly Worl, president of the Orange County Funeral Directors Association, told The Epoch Times. “We’re overloaded. You don’t have enough funeral homes. You don’t have enough staff trained, [and] you don’t have enough licensed people to take care of everyone that’s dying at one time.” Worl said that each step in the typical mortuary process is slowing down. Under normal circumstances, burials would generally take place within three to seven days, she said. But now, the process can take at least 10 days or more. The time frame between death and burial is even more prolonged because every COVID-related case must be reported to the Orange County coroner for review. “It’s just the volume,” …

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