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Big Tech’s Trump Censorship Stokes Global Security Fears

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Big Tech’s Trump Censorship Stokes Global Security Fears


The swift and widespread deplatforming of President Donald Trump has broader, global consequences, forcing other countries to assess their communication channels for potential risks to national security, experts say. World leaders including Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and Acting Australian Prime Minister Michael McCormack have condemned recent moves by some of the world’s largest tech companies, arguing the companies violated free speech protocols and have too much power. Others, such as Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny, have accused their censorship of Trump as being motivated by partisan politics. Experts told The Epoch Times this censorship by Big Tech could cause countries to consider developing their own platforms rather than depend on a handful of private U.S. companies that have the ability to cut off communication to millions. Ethical concerns have also been raised, as well as what to do about Section 230, an outdated law protecting platforms from litigation for content …

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