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CNN Assigns New White House and Capitol Hill Reporters

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CNN Assigns New White House and Capitol Hill Reporters


CNN announced new reporters on Monday for the White House and Capitol Hill in preparation for the new administration. Former chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta will serve as CNN’s chief domestic correspondent and will anchor on weekends, the network said in a statement. The network said it was expanding a weekday program hosted by Jake Tapper to two hours. Tapper will also serve as the network’s lead anchor for all major Washington events. Acosta joined the network in 2007 and has been chief White House correspondent since 2018. He is widely known as the stubborn reporter who repeatedly questioned President Donald Trump, refusing to pass the microphone on, in a press conference in the White House. Conservative strategist Chris Barron called Acosta a “performance artist” in an interview with Fox News, and said the change is “the most glaring.” “Acosta will probably get shipped off to cover Mar-a-Lago where he can yell …

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