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Minnesota Bar Owner Fights System Over Shutdowns

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Minnesota Bar Owner Fights System Over Shutdowns


MINNEAPOLIS—Bar and restaurant owner Lisa Monet Zarza made a decision in November to go all-in. She’s prepared to lose her businesses and go to jail in the fight to keep her bar operating and her staff employed. Zarza, the co-owner of Alibi Drinkery in Lakeville, Minnesota, a suburb of Minneapolis, is currently being threatened with jail time, $3,000-per-day fines, and suspension of her food and liquor licenses as she opens her bar against Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz’s executive orders. For nine months, like other bar and restaurant owners, Zarza has had to do flip-flops to keep up with the different executive orders issued by Walz, a Democrat, during the pandemic. In mid-March of last year, Walz declared the state in a peacetime emergency for 30 days and has renewed the status each month since, giving himself broad authority. Alibi was closed in mid-March, initially for two weeks, although the closures …

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