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Pelosi Defends Stalling on COVID-19 Relief Bill: Report

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Pelosi Defends Stalling on COVID-19 Relief Bill: Report


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) defended delaying the passage of the COVID-19 relief measure and its associated second round of stimulus checks, telling CBS’s “60 Minutes” in a wide-ranging interview that holding out on the bill was because Republican proposals didn’t go far enough on social justice. Host Lesley Stahl said that there was obstruction from both Democrats and Republicans before the $900 billion relief bill was at long last adopted. “No, it wasn’t obstruction,” Pelosi replied, adding, “We held it up because there was no respect for our heroes, our state and local health care workers, police and fire, our first responders, our sanitation, transportation, food workers, our teachers, our teachers, our teachers.” “They would not go down that path,” she added. Stahl then said that a member of the Democrat caucus said of the delay that, “We look like obstructionists, and it was a mistake.” Pelosi responded by saying that …

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