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Senior UK Conservatives Urge Government to Reset China Policy

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Senior UK Conservatives Urge Government to Reset China Policy


Senior members of Britain’s ruling Conservative party have called on Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government to play a leading role in the international response to the Chinese regime’s human rights violations. The party’s Human Rights Commission said that the intensifying assault on human rights in China illustrates “the mendacity, brutality, inhumanity, insecurity, and criminality of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime.” In a major new report (pdf) published on Wednesday, the Commission called for “a coordinated, comprehensive review of UK-China policy,” and urged the British government “to lead the establishment of an international coalition of democracies to coordinate a global response to the human rights crisis in China.” Benedict Rogers, co-founder and deputy chair of the Commission, said while the abuse in Xinjiang and Hong Kong have attracted increasing international attention, “it is worth remembering that numerous groups in China are under attack,” including Christians, the Falun Gong spiritual movement, Tibetans, …

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