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US Changes Course on Taiwan in Defiance of Beijing

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US Changes Course on Taiwan in Defiance of Beijing


WASHINGTON—Washington has long been cautious in dealing with the Taiwan issue for fear of provoking the regime in Beijing and heightening tensions. The tone of U.S.–Taiwan relations, however, has dramatically changed under the Trump administration, particularly since a September 2020 visit to Taipei by a senior U.S. official that paved the way for new economic dialogue. On Jan. 9, the United States lifted restrictions on contact with Taiwanese officials, marking the latest move to deepen ties with the democratic island. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that he was removing all “self-imposed restrictions” on interactions of diplomats, service members, and other officials with their Taiwanese counterparts. The decision came after a multi-year review of arcane protocols. Pompeo made the announcement, during the final days of President Donald Trump’s term, saying that the U.S. government will no longer “appease the Communist regime in Beijing.” The move has angered China since it …

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