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Head of Instagram Admits Bias at Facebook: ‘We’re Not Neutral’

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Head of Instagram Admits Bias at Facebook: ‘We’re Not Neutral’


Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri said Monday that Facebook has a bias in a reply to a Twitter post about the company. “We’re not neutral,” Mosseri said of Facebook and Facebook-owned Instagram. He further said, “No platform is neutral, we all have values and those values influence the decisions we make.” “We try and be apolitical,” he added, “but that’s increasingly difficult, particularly in the U.S. where people are more and more polarized.” Mosseri’s profile says that he was the former head of the Facebook News Feed and a designer. President Donald Trump’s Facebook page was suspended last week following his public remarks at a rally before groups of people breached the U.S. Capitol building during the Joint Session of Congress. The move was lambasted by conservative critics and Trump himself, arguing the move was tantamount to censorship. And Facebook this week announced that it would delete content and groups …

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