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Uyghur Repression: Boris Johnson Says Genocide Attribution ‘Judicial Matter’

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Uyghur Repression: Boris Johnson Says Genocide Attribution ‘Judicial Matter’


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday deflected criticisms of his government’s stance on the plight of China’s Uyghur Muslim minority and said the attribution of genocide is “a judicial matter.” On Tuesday, Johnson’s government instructed lawmakers from the ruling Conservative Party to vote down an amendment to the Trade Bill that would have given UK courts power to revoke trade deals with countries responsible for genocides. The amendment was defeated by a margin of just 11 votes, with 319 Conservative MPs voting in line with the government to reject it, and 308 MPs—including 33 Conservative rebels—voting to support it. At Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday, Ian Blackford, the Scottish National Party’s Westminster group leader, said Johnson’s position on the so-called “genocide amendment” had left his claims about the UK’s global leadership less believable. “Genocide isn’t a matter of history, it is happening in our world right now. The international …

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