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COVID-19 Outbreaks Worsen in Beijing, Shanghai

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COVID-19 Outbreaks Worsen in Beijing, Shanghai


Officials in China’s capital of Beijing and its financial hub of Shanghai announced new CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus infections this weekend and locked down dozens more neighborhoods. Meanwhile, the northern provinces of Heilongjiang, Jilin, and Hebei also reported more COVID-19 cases on Jan. 24, as did southern China’s Guangdong Province and eastern China’s Jiangsu Province. Seventy-two Chinese regions were designated as high- or medium-risk for virus spread by local governments on Jan. 24, which means residents in those areas aren’t allowed to leave their homes and no public transportation can operate. Some locals also reported lockdowns in neighborhoods that weren’t noted by local governments, leading them to suspect that authorities were covering up outbreaks. In many cases, authorities didn’t give people enough time to prepare, leading many people to not have enough food to eat, sick people not having access to medicine, and babies without sufficient formula to drink, …

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