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Sen. Cassidy Announces Willingness to Convict Trump

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Sen. Cassidy Announces Willingness to Convict Trump


Another Republican senator, the 16th so far, has announced a willingness to vote to convict former President Donald Trump in the upcoming impeachment trial, depending on what’s presented to the Senate. Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) told reporters in a conference call on Tuesday that he sees it as his “constitutional responsibility” to act as a juror in the trial, adding he would not “prejudge” the evidence. “I’ll listen to the evidence and seek out as much as possible what the truth is and that will determine how I vote,” Cassidy said, The Advocate reported. Cassidy had previously expressed opposition to holding a trial, telling the Wall Street Journal that a trial would be “very disruptive” and “put everything else on the back burner.” Cassidy had been listed in an Epoch Times article from Monday as one of 29 senators who oppose the trial. That number is now at 28. The …

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