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Zoom Conference on Opposing CCP Disrupted by Online Trolls

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Zoom Conference on Opposing CCP Disrupted by Online Trolls


A video conference organized by Chinese pro-democracy activists and held on the Zoom video-chatting platform was recently disrupted by internet trolls. Organizers suspected that the trolls were hired by the Chinese regime. A group of U.S.-based activists planned for a conference themed around how to oppose the Chinese Communist Party’s [CCP] threats, to be held on Jan. 21 at 9 a.m. Early on, organizers noticed that a number of users who attended the event wrote offensive comments using registered participants’ names. Chen Pokong, one of the conference organizers, told The Epoch Times: “They hijacked the meeting room in the beginning, which caused the hosts and registered participants to not be able to join. During the conference… they played filthy sounds and wrote offensive comments. We can conclude that the CCP was trying every possible way to sabotage the conference.” Organizers changed the virtual meeting room repeatedly in order to evade …

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