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Senate Democrats Reintroduce Bill for DC Statehood

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Senate Democrats Reintroduce Bill for DC Statehood


Senator Tom Carper (D-Del.) led over three dozen of his Democrat colleagues to introduce a companion bill for Washington, D.C.’s statehood on Tuesday. A similar bill passed the House last year and will now face a Democrat-controlled Senate to determine if D.C. will become the 51st state. The effort for statehood, which would endow the citizens of D.C. full representation in Congress and control over issues that affect the district, was started in 2013 by Carper. The D.C. statehood effort has broad support among Democrats, who currently control the House, the White House, and potentially the Senate if they remove the legislative filibuster. The Senate’s legislative filibuster stipulates that 60 votes are needed to end a debate on a bill and vote. However, a vote of 51 senators could remove the filibuster rule unless the two moderate Democrat senators who have recently gone on record against eliminating the 60-vote threshold …

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