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Discord Now ‘Working With’ WallStreetBets After Banning Its Chat Server

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Discord Now ‘Working With’ WallStreetBets After Banning Its Chat Server


Instant-messaging platform Discord is now reversing course after it banned the popular group WallStreetBets on Wednesday, claiming the server allowed “hateful and discriminatory content.” Discord said they had made the move after “repeated warnings,” saying it had nothing to do with the GameStop trading debacle that has been generating headlines over the past few days. At the time, Discord said it was also “monitoring this situation and in the event there are allegations of illegal activities, we will cooperate with authorities as appropriate.” Now, a day later, the messaging platform said it has decided to work with and support the reddit forum, a company spokesperson told The Epoch Times via email—as long as the guidelines are being met. “WSB members have set up a new server and we are working with them,” the spokesperson said on Thursday. “We will welcome the group back so long as they improve their moderation …

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