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University Vice-Chancellor Vows ‘Never Again’ to Confucius Institute

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University Vice-Chancellor Vows ‘Never Again’ to Confucius Institute


Adelaide, Australia—As he takes up a vice-chancellorship at The University of Adelaide, Prof. Peter Høj, the former vice-chancellor of the University of Queensland (UQ), has said that the decision to allow China to provide course funding through the Confucius Institute at UQ was a “stupid thing to do” and should never have happened. “When you run a university there are lots of things happening in an institution with 6,000 people, most of whom are independent thinkers. As soon as we learnt about it, we said: never again,” Høj told The Australian while denying that the Confucius Institute was involved in the formulation of the courses. He added: “It was a stupid thing to do.” Høj’s remarks come after more than a year of facing extensive criticism for his and UQ’s ties to the Chinese regime which were prompted when the university attempted to expel a student, Drew Pavlou, for leading a peaceful …

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