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Chinese State Broadcaster CGTN Banned in UK

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Chinese State Broadcaster CGTN Banned in UK


Britain’s broadcasting regulator on Thursday revoked the licence for Chinese television outlet CGTN to broadcast in the UK. CGTN, or China Global Television Network, is an international English-language satellite news channel owned by the Chinese regime and directly controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Ofcom made the decision (pdf) after it concluded that the licence was unlawful, because CGTN’s licence-holder in the UK, Star China Media Limited (SCML), was the distributor of the CGTN service in the UK, rather than “the provider” of the service. “Our investigation showed that the licence for China Global Television Network is held by an entity which has no editorial control over its programmes,” a spokesperson for Ofcom said in a statement. This is a violation of UK broadcasting laws, which stipulate that broadcast licensees must have control over the licensed service, including editorial oversight over the programmes they show. After Ofcom began investigating …

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