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Trump Attorney: Congress Democrats Trying to ‘Rush’ Impeachment Trial

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Trump Attorney: Congress Democrats Trying to ‘Rush’ Impeachment Trial


One of former President Donald Trump’s impeachment lawyers, David Schoen, said House managers are trying to “rush” the trial “before the evidence really comes out.” “We are now six days away from this trial,” Schoen told Fox News on Wednesday. “We have absolutely no guidance as to the rules that will apply. We know it’s a free-for-all in there with no rules of evidence, but we don’t know yet whether they intend to call witnesses, how much time is going to be given to the sides—nothing about this thing. And it’s really incredible.” Schoen further argued that the Senate doesn’t have the jurisdiction to carry out the trial, noting that Democrats held the article of impeachment “until he was no longer president.” “There’s absolutely no jurisdiction in the Senate to try former President Trump than there is any other citizen in the country,” he added. “And I would suggest to …

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