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40 Vehicles Involved in Massive Pileup on Iowa Interstate

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40 Vehicles Involved in Massive Pileup on Iowa Interstate


A lumbering winter storm has impacted people’s lives in multiple states across the nation throughout the week, with heavy snow in Iowa leading to dangerous travel conditions. Troopers in the state shut down a section of Interstate 80 west of Newton on Thursday shortly before noon after roughly 40 vehicles were involved in a massive pile-up. Authorities reported “a few serious injuries” while several other motorists and passengers sustained minor injuries. None of the troopers responding to the incident were injured, Iowa State Patrol officials said. Several photos of the incident shared on social media by the agency show trucks, along with other cars, slid off the road, as well as a Carbon Express trailer turned on its side on top of another vehicle. The I-80 remained closed for most of the day but reopened again at about 7:15 p.m., the state patrol announced. “Be safe as you travel on roadways tonight and …

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