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Critics Question Constitutionality of Irvine’s New Equity Resolution

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Critics Question Constitutionality of Irvine’s New Equity Resolution


The Irvine City Council has unanimously passed a resolution to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in city hiring practices, a policy opponents say is unconstitutional and could lead to quota-based mandates. The council voted 5-0 to approve its Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) resolution on Jan. 26. The measure calls for the formation of a DEI ad hoc committee to gather information on the hiring practices of the city and its vendors. Irvine Mayor Farrah Khan told The Epoch Times the resolution does not violate California’s constitutional ban on preferential treatment, as some opponents claim. “We’re not implementing quotas or taking anything away from community members,” Khan said on Feb. 2. “[The resolution] really is about providing more opportunities for those that maybe normally wouldn’t apply to government entities when it comes to looking for jobs, finding careers, filing applications for contracts, and just giving them that opportunity, making sure …

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