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Former CDC Director Joins Chorus Supporting School Reopenings

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Former CDC Director Joins Chorus Supporting School Reopenings


A former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Thursday said he supports schools reopening if proper measures are put into place, joining a chorus of current and former officials from the public health agency. “Early on in this pandemic, the move was to get schools closed, and that was based on what we knew about flu, and how readily flu spread through classrooms. What we’re learning, both from studies in the United States and studies from around the globe, is that you can get children back to school safely—safely for the children, safely for the staff, and safely for the teachers, if you’re able to do those things,” Dr. Richard Besser, former acting CDC head, said on Fox News’ “Your World.” Besser referred to implementing social distancing protocols, keeping classroom size lower than normal, improving ventilation, and screening for COVID-19. “These things work,” he added, referring …

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