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Chinese Regime Appoints New Military Commander in Xinjiang

China Chinese Regime military Xinjiang

Chinese Regime Appoints New Military Commander in Xinjiang


BEIJING—The Chinese regime has appointed a new military commander in Xinjiang where authorities have locked up more than a million Uyghurs and members of other Muslim minorities in what the regime claims to be a “counter-terrorism” campaign. Lt. Gen. Wang Haijiang will oversee a massive military presence in the northwestern region that borders on several unstable Central Asian states, along with Pakistan and Afghanistan, from which U.S. troops are withdrawing. Like Xinjiang’s Chinese Communist Party (CCP) chief Chen Quanguo, Wang previously served in Tibet, which also hosts large numbers of troops to suppress anti-CCP sentiment among the native Tibetan population and guard the disputed border with India, where the two nations had a deadly clash last year. Following the U.S. lead, a growing number of countries have recognized the CCP’s suppression in Xinjiang as a “genocide.” Wang’s unannounced appointment was revealed on the Xinjiang Military District’s social media feed showing him …

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