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Persecution of Falun Gong Is in Effect Genocide: Former US Official

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Persecution of Falun Gong Is in Effect Genocide: Former US Official


In an exclusive interview with Dr. Miles Yu, the former U.S. State Department official explained that there is more evidence of a genocide perpetrated against the Falun Gong in China than the plentiful such evidence of a genocide against the Uyghurs. Both the Trump and Biden administrations have designated the repression of Uyghurs in China as a genocide. Yu advised former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, when he was in office, on strategies related to China. Now Yu is in effect supporting the view that there is not only a Uyghur genocide, but one against the Falun Gong. Falun Gong is a peaceful religion that was popularized in China during the early 1990s, and which is based on Daoist and Buddhist principles. The religion’s following of up to 70 to 100 million by 1999 led the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to institute a policy of persecution, to the point of …

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  1. Дмитрий August 14, 2021

    “Beijing won the right to host the 2022 Olympics in 2015, the same year it cracked down on lawyers and activists across China,” Chinese human rights lawyer Teng Biao wrote earlier this year. “Since then, it has detained journalists; harassed and attacked activists and dissidents even outside China’s borders ; shut down nongovernmental organizations; demolished Christian churches, Tibetan temples and Muslim mosques; persecuted, sometimes to death, believers in Falun Gong; and sharply increased its control of media, the Internet, universities and publishers.” “I don’t think we should have any American go and participate in the ‘Genocide Olympics,’” former secretary of state Mike Pompeo said during an event last week. He was referring to reports surrounding the rape and mass sterilization of ethnic Uyghur and Kazakh women by state authorities in China’s Xinjiang region, which some experts and the U.S. State Department say amount to genocide .


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