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Orange County DA Lashes Out Over Vaccine Wait for Police

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Orange County DA Lashes Out Over Vaccine Wait for Police


As Orange County continues to roll out its vaccine strategy, its chief prosecutor is calling on county officials to give greater priority to police. Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer accused the Orange County Health Care Agency (HCA) of not “prioritizing front line law enforcement… for first tier vaccinations,” in a Jan. 6 email to the HCA and Board of Supervisors. “It should be your agency and the Board of Supervisors which dictate prioritization of the vaccine in Orange County,” Spitzer wrote. “I also learned that dentists jumped over police as a priority by the vaccination taskforce, an unbelievable development.” Spitzer implored the “HCA to get its head screwed on right and properly prioritize those who constantly and through no choice of their own interact with the public—healthcare workers and police—just like the HCA has done for firefighters.” He said in the letter: “This is an urgent matter that has …

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