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Patrick Byrne: This Is a ‘Communist Party Takeover’

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Patrick Byrne: This Is a ‘Communist Party Takeover’


Patrick Byrne, founder and former CEO of Overstock, told Jenny Chang, the host of NTD Television’s “Focus Talk” program, that what is happening now in the United States is a “Communist Party takeover.” “That’s what the left is trying to do here. They have a bill that they’re ready to pass as soon as they get in that basically imposes a Chinese-style censorship state,” Byrne said during an interview premiered on Monday. “I think this is a Communist Party takeover.” Byrne is concerned that in the future, even questioning the reported irregularities of the 2020 election will count as “an act of domestic extremism.” “What they’re going to try to do is take the FBI and Department of Homeland Security and CIA, and just completely unleash them as instruments of oppression against their domestic political opponents, all under the disguise of ‘We’re fighting domestic extremism … you saw Congress get …

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