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National Guard Arms Personnel Guarding Capitol

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National Guard Arms Personnel Guarding Capitol


The National Guard troops guarding the U.S. Capitol are authorized to carry firearms, the Army announced Wednesday. The personnel were armed on Tuesday night in response to a request from federal authorities, the D.C. National Guard said in a statement. The arming was greenlit by Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy. “National Guard members are postured to meet the requirements of the supported civil authorities, up to and including protective equipment and being armed if necessary,” the statement said. “The public’s safety is our top priority.” Photographs showed hundreds of guardsmen in the Capitol as House members debated impeaching President Donald Trump again. D.C. Guardsmen were activated before Jan. 6 per a request from Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser, but they were not armed. Numerous others, including personnel from Maryland and Virginia, poured into the city after the Capitol was breached. Five people died on Capitol grounds from the events of that day, …

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