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Biden Announces $1.9 Trillion Plan for CCP Virus

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Biden Announces $1.9 Trillion Plan for CCP Virus


President-elect Joe Biden late Thursday announced a $1.9 trillion stimulus plan to address the ongoing CCP virus pandemic in the United States. “We have no time to waste when it comes to getting this virus under control and building our economy back better,” he announced in a statement. In his address to the nation on Thursday evening, he said that immediate action will prevent long term economic damage, adding that “the benefits will far surpass the costs.” Biden asserted that more spending early on would reduce the long-term economic damage caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus lockdowns and restrictions. Biden said his plan involves two steps, “rescue” and “recovery.” He said he will announce his “Build back Better” recovery plan next month to address infrastructure and innovation. The legislative proposal includes $1,400 stimulus payment checks that will be added on top of the $600 checks that were issued under …

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