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Chinese Freight Drivers Trapped in Trucks Face Discrimination

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Chinese Freight Drivers Trapped in Trucks Face Discrimination


In late January 2020, when the CCP virus epidemic was serious in Hubei, a truck driver could not return to Hubei after transporting goods due to the outbreak and was blocked from getting off the highway. Now, the epidemic has broken out again in Hebei Province, and the same thing is happening to Hebei drivers who are trapped in their vehicles and not allowed to refuel, eat, go to stores, or stay in a hotel. The Shijiazhuang municipal government in Hebei province announced on Jan. 5 that the city’s highways were closed, passenger stations were temporarily shut down, and trains and airline passengers were required to show a negative nucleic acid test certificate taken within 72 hours to leave the city. The city of Shijiazhuang is on lockdown. Shijiazhuang’s lockdown has trapped a large number of Hebei freight drivers whose license plates are headed by the character “Ji” (meaning Hebei …

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