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Lockdowns Intensify in Northeastern China as CCP Virus Spreads

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Lockdowns Intensify in Northeastern China as CCP Virus Spreads


After a CCP virus outbreak quickly spread to different parts of Heilongjiang, the provincial government announced a state of emergency this week and ordered all 38 million residents to stay at home. In recent days, cities and towns issued more strict regulations in an attempt to stop the spread. From Wangkui county, Suihua city, the outbreak has swiftly spread to three neighboring provinces, covering eight cities. Suihua City A resident surnamed Li of Lanxi county, Suihua city, told Radio Free Asia on Jan. 14 that local authorities have declared an indefinite stay-at-home order. He added that lockdowns were mandated in every village, town, and county in Suihua, regardless of whether confirmed COVID-19 patients were detected in those locales. Li Hui, a resident of Wangkui county, told Radio Free Asia that 56 asymptomatic cases had already been detected in the county, but authorities have not yet announced them. She added that …

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