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Trump Impeachment an Example of Unbalanced Legal System: Adviser

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Trump Impeachment an Example of Unbalanced Legal System: Adviser


President Donald Trump getting impeached for outlining qualms about the 2020 election highlights how the legal system is unbalanced, an adviser said Thursday. “The American people are entitled to state their positions. If it is somehow seditious to do so, then Nancy Pelosi and pretty much every Democrat who said that the election was stolen, which perpetrated the Russia hoax, in 2016, should be charged with that same sedition, because the rules have to be the same for all Americans,” Boris Epshteyn, a Trump campaign adviser, said on “War Room.” “We cannot have a different legal system for Republicans than Democrats,” he added. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) alleged in 2017 that the 2016 election was “hijacked” as special counsel Robert Mueller was appointed to investigate alleged Russian interference in the election. Even after Mueller found no evidence of collusion between Trump or his campaign and Russia, Pelosi and other …

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