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2 ‘Sudden Collapses’ in China Suspected to Be COVID-19 Deaths

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2 ‘Sudden Collapses’ in China Suspected to Be COVID-19 Deaths


As the Chinese New Year approaches, the COVID-19 pandemic has fortified its momentum with a second wave of outbreaks in a number of Chinese provinces. Instances of people suffering a “sudden collapse” have resurfaced on the streets, resembling the cases seen in Wuhan and other areas during China’s first wave of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus around the Lunar New Year in 2020. The latest instance reportedly occurred in Langfang city—one of the hard-hit areas in northern China’s Hebei province. A Jan. 11 video uploaded on Chinese social media shows a person was lying on the ground motionless, close to a local COVID-19 testing site where many residents were queuing for their turn. The person seemed to be without any vital signs. Three first aiders dressed in full-body protective suits could be seen attempting cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on the patient. An earlier case took place in Wangkui county in …

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