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California Freelancers Say New Exemption Law Still Not Enough

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California Freelancers Say New Exemption Law Still Not Enough


California freelancers derailed by last year’s controversial gig worker mandate are set to receive more exemptions through a newly enacted law—but opponents say the new bill still isn’t enough to offset the harm done to them by AB 5. Assembly Bill 2257 (AB 2257), which went into effect Jan. 1, adds new exceptions to AB 5 requirements for independent workers, including exemptions for professional services, business-to-business, and referral agencies. However, many freelance workers are not satisfied, either because their professions weren’t included or the exemptions remain too strict. “There are a handful of professions that did receive legitimate relief, but hundreds of categories of professions and trades are still left out in the cold,” Karen Anderson, founder of the Facebook group Freelancers Against AB 5, told The Epoch Times. “There are many roadblocks and caveats embedded within the so-called exemptions.” Anderson said the bill doesn’t go far enough in allowing …

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