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Laguna Beach Teens Create Care Packages for the Homeless

Christmas homeless Laguna Beach NY-Cal Southern California students US

Laguna Beach Teens Create Care Packages for the Homeless


When high school students Zoey and Jake Cutter in Laguna Beach, California, asked their mother what she wanted for Christmas, they got an unexpected answer: She suggested they start a project to help others for the holidays. “I said that would be the biggest Christmas present I would ever have,” their mother, Stefanie Shelly, told The Epoch Times. “That would fulfill my wish.” The challenge sparked an instant memory in Zoey’s mind—an image that had troubled her for some time—and inspired a project she launched with her brother to hand out items to those most in need. About two years ago, she had passed by a homeless woman who frequently stayed on a bench outside the Laguna Beach Library. What caught Zoey’s eye was the fact that the woman was eating a raw hot dog out of a package. “It was sad to see that, especially in the winter months,” …

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