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Pence: ‘Proud’ of No New Wars Under Trump Administration

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Pence: ‘Proud’ of No New Wars Under Trump Administration


Vice President Mike Pence said on Sunday that he is proud the Trump administration didn’t get America into a new war. “I’m proud to report with just a few days left in our Administration, our Administration is the first in decades that did not get America into a new war,” Pence stated on Twitter. “That’s Peace through Strength.” White House stated in October that President Donald Trump is “the first American leader since Ronald Reagan not to start a war.” “Instead, he has rebuilt our military, restored American sovereignty, and renewed the ‘peace through strength’ foreign policy that helped the United States win the Cold War,” the statement continues. Trump pledged to take the “peace through strength” approach even before he came into the White House. In 2016, then-presidential candidate Trump stressed during the campaign trail that “peace through strength” would “always” be at the center of his future foreign policy …

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