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Trump Extends Border Emergency Until February 2022

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Trump Extends Border Emergency Until February 2022


President Donald Trump extended the national border emergency until February 2022 as a number of Central American migrants appear to be heading to the U.S.-Mexico border area via caravans. “The ongoing border security and humanitarian crisis at the southern border of the United States continues to threaten our national security, including by exacerbating the effect of the pandemic caused by COVID-19 … but further action is needed to address the humanitarian crisis and to control unlawful migration and the flow of narcotics and criminals across the southern border of the United States,” Trump said in an announcement. The extension continues the emergency that Trump declared in February 2019 to overcome opposition to the construction of the border wall and immigration reforms. Making note of that declaration, Trump said that the emergency “must continue in effect beyond February 15, 2021,” adding: “I am continuing for 1 year the national emergency declared in …

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