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FCC Asks Supreme Court to Roll Back Media Ownership Restrictions

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FCC Asks Supreme Court to Roll Back Media Ownership Restrictions


The Federal Communications Commission urged the Supreme Court to relax rules limiting ownership of local media outlets, arguing the restrictions are obsolete and unneeded. Telephonic oral argument in FCC v. Prometheus Radio Project and National Association of Broadcasters v. Prometheus Radio Project, which were consolidated and heard together, lasted 81 minutes, exceeding the scheduled 60 minutes. The hearing took place on Jan. 19, the Trump administration’s last full day in office. Republicans lost majority control of the FCC on Jan. 20, when Chairman Ajit Pai stepped down with the inauguration of President Joe Biden. Democrats are expected to have a 3-2 majority when a replacement is appointed. It’s been the position of the Republican-controlled FCC that as local media outlets face growing competition from the internet, current ownership restrictions are obsolete, especially the ban on owning a newspaper and broadcast outlet in the same market. Democrats tend to favor stronger restrictions …

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