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Infographic: How the Global Pandemic Spread From China

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Infographic: How the Global Pandemic Spread From China


For at least three weeks, Beijing knew about the severity of the CCP virus outbreak in the central Chinese city of Wuhan, but downplayed the crisis and suppressed any information at odds with the official narrative that the virus was containable. This coverup allowed the virus to spread beyond China’s borders, sparking a global pandemic. Internal documents obtained by The Epoch Times show that patients with CCP virus-like symptoms started appearing in Wuhan hospitals from September 2019, suggesting the disease may have been silently spreading around the city in the autumn. Authorities were aware of the outbreak by at least late December and publicly confirmed its existence on Dec. 31, 2019. For the next 19 days, Chinese authorities insisted the disease was “preventable and controllable” and that there was little to no risk that it could spread among humans. The World Health Organization (WHO) echoed those statements. Doctors who tried …

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