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Ban on Goods Made With Forced Labor Slows Clothing Imports

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Ban on Goods Made With Forced Labor Slows Clothing Imports


Increased enforcement of a ban on imported products made with forced labor has led to cargo stoppages and complaints from importers, The Wall Street Journal reported. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers are charged with enforcing the ban on goods, such cotton and tomato products from the Xinjiang region of China, where Uyghurs are detained in forced labor camps. The bans were first put in place during the Trump administration in an effort to remove forced labor from import supply chains, the WSJ reported. The ban on cotton from the region has had an impact on retailers who rely heavily on the commodity and must prove their supply chains don’t rely on slave labor, the WSJ reported. Importers have three months from the time of detainment to prove products pass CBP standards, if not, cargoes will be exported or abandoned. Retailer Uniqlo Co, had a shipment of men’s shirts detained …

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