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How Google Targets Conservatives and Perpetuates CCP Propaganda

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How Google Targets Conservatives and Perpetuates CCP Propaganda


In an episode of “Crossroads” titled “To Target Trump, Google Rewrote Its News Algorithms,” Joshua Philipp interviews Google whistleblower Zach Vorhies, former Google employee and now a reporter with Project Veritas. In the interview, Vorhies talks about the tactics and motives behind Google’s actions, which he claims is the world’s most dangerous totalitarian global organization. He talks about how Google specifically rewrote their news algorithms to go after President Trump. He reveals actual slides from the company scoring system built around the fight that Trump was having at the time with former FBI Director James Comey over Russian collusion. Vorhies explains how Google built a clustering mechanism where it could use trigger words and key phrases to make one story a continuation of another story, forming a super story that spanned eight days or so. He says this tactic is not a result of demand or increasing market share in …

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