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Liberals’ Plan to Curb ‘Internet Harms’ Puts Free Speech at Risk: Expert

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Liberals’ Plan to Curb ‘Internet Harms’ Puts Free Speech at Risk: Expert


The Liberal government’s upcoming legislation to address “online harms” could undermine Canadians’ freedom of speech and render diasporas from authoritarian countries more vulnerable, says the director of an internet security advocacy group. Between July 27 and Sept. 25, the federal government held public consultations on its proposal to introduce new legislative and regulatory frameworks for social media platforms that aim to address five categories of “harmful content” online: hate speech, terrorist content, content that incites violence, child sexual exploitation, and non-consensual sharing of intimate images. The Liberal Party’s platform for the 2021 federal election promised to introduce the legislation within the first 100 days if re-elected. Philip Palmer, director of the Internet Society Canada Chapter, said the proposed legislation poses a potential threat to Canadians’ charter-protected rights. “I have a number of concerns, but the primary one is that it will lead to over-censorship of content on the internet,” Palmer told The …

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