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Beijing’s Political Warfare Campaigns Exploit Social Media

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Beijing’s Political Warfare Campaigns Exploit Social Media


News Analysis Social media are an increasingly important front in the Chinese regime’s political warfare campaigns. With the increasing loss of credibility of legacy media among Americans, people are turning to independent and social media for their news and information. A Pew Research poll nearly a year ago reflected the shift away from traditional television news to digital devices that is accelerating: “More than eight-in-ten U.S. adults (86%) say they get news from a smartphone, computer or tablet ‘often’ or ‘sometimes,’ including 60% who say they do so often. [Furthermore, when asked what they] prefer to get news on, roughly half (52%) of Americans say they prefer a digital platform—whether it is a news website (26%), search (12%), social media (11%) or podcasts (3%).” And while 11 percent of Americans getting their news from social media is not a large number, consider the narrow margins of victory in various U.S. …

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