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China Targets Western Elites Through Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube

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China Targets Western Elites Through Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube


News Analysis Beijing is systematically mining the world’s social media data—including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube—to better understand political opinions and elite networks, and to compile a list of foreign targets. The Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) goal is to use sophisticated algorithms, big data, artificial intelligence, micro-targeting, and purchased social media accounts for early warning of public opinion trends against the CCP, to influence the global public toward pro-CCP positions, and to introduce schisms within groups critical of Beijing—that turns people against each other where they are uniting against the totalitarian and genocidal regime. Sophisticated data systems are being used by Beijing’s “state media, propaganda departments, police, military and cyber regulators,” according to a Jan. 1 investigative report by Cate Cadell in The Washington Post. The report draws from “hundreds of Chinese bidding documents, contracts and company filings.” The data systems, each of which costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, include …

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