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Facebook Says ‘Bug’ Preventing Sharing of Shen Yun Ads

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Facebook Says ‘Bug’ Preventing Sharing of Shen Yun Ads


In the days and weeks leading up to Shen Yun Performing Arts’ Australian tour, which kicks off in the country’s capital, Canberra, on March 31, fans and ticket-holders have reported that Facebook has restricted their ability to share the company’s ad posts on the social media platform. “Just so you know, I have tried twice to share, and both times [I’ve] been told: ‘To prevent any misuse, we’ve temporarily restricted your ability to use this feature on Facebook. You can try again later. Have you turned off the share feature … ?” Facebook user Marie Louise wrote as a comment on a Shen Yun post in March. A second user, Gail Klement, reported the same problem: “I tried also [and] it wouldn’t let me. It gave me the option of disagreeing with [Facebook’s] decision, so I did. “Beautiful dance form,” she added, referring to the art form of classical Chinese …

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